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During this time of social distancing, all Harmonia lessons are given online, powered by Zoom.

Gustav Klimt's painting "Musique" represents our Harmonia composition and performance studio
“Ah, Music. A magic far beyond all we do here!” — Albus Dumbledore


Harmonia, a composition and performance studio in North Carolina led by Julie Harris, has become a magnet for creativity and prize-winning compositions. Students of all ages gather to learn, to share, and to create a musical community.
Our composition students write for solo instruments, chamber groups, small ensembles, film scores and other genres. The best performers in the area premiere the student pieces at concerts which have become a regular community event.
Our composers consistently win awards at the state, regional, national and international level. Our pianists enjoy both private piano parties and public concerts. They particularly enjoy duets and chamber music, and working with other great performers and composers. All students get a thorough grounding in theory and music history, and participate in informed listening. Online games, a thriving specialized social network, frequent studio events, all make Harmonia a vibrant gathering place.
Best of all, Harmonia students develop a lifelong passion for music. We all have a great deal of fun while creating or performing the highest quality music! If you’d like to contact Harmonia for lessons, or to perform any of our pieces, you can reach me through email: julierharris@aol.com.

Julie Harris, Composition and Piano teacher

For those who are interested in credentials, here’s a few of mine: I have degrees in Music Theory & Composition, and studied with Iain Hamilton, Robert Ward, Dan Locklair, and others. I’m a member of ASCAP, MTNA, Phi Theta Kappa,  and American Composers Forum. I’ve been teaching most of my adult life, for a grand total of over thirty years. I live in a small town in North Carolina, surrounded by a lovely all-season garden, where my black and white cats Lyra and Ari love to play among the flowers. My students and I often study Theory out on the deck. The Circle of Fifths yields even more treasures in the midst of flora and fauna! 
I hope you’ll come visit some time.

Creating new compositions, community, and a lifelong love for music:

Julie and students prepare for a concert, November 2011
Michael Jon Bennett and Julie posing with his home-made Bach fugue analyzer and his prize-winning composition "Stained Glass and Birds"
Julie and Kevin Kopczynski posing with his composition "Variations on Littleroot Town"
Julie ( center, in blue) with her oncologist, performers, and composers at the first Gratitude Concert - September 2010

Summary for Harmonia Studio and Julie Harris

  • A.A. Music Theory and Composition, Brevard College
  • B.A. Music Theory and Composition/Math, Duke University
Post-graduate studies:
  • Dan Locklair: His teachers included Samuel Adler at Eastman, 1979 Pulitzer Prize winner Joseph Schwantner 
  • Ken Frazzell: His teachers included Roger Sessions at Juilliard, Robert Ward at NCSA
  • Robert Ward: 1962 Pulitzer Prize winner
  • Composition
  • Theory
  • Ear Training
  • Music History
  • Orchestration
  • Score reading and analysis
  • Informed listening
  • Film Scoring
  • Piano
Studio location: just off Main Street, Carrboro, North Carolina
  • All ages welcome.
  • Composition students will be given a placement test in theory
  • Weekly or biweekly lessons
  • All lessons are one hour long
  • Advance composition students may opt for hour and a half lessons
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