2013 - Tricks and Treats

For Halloween 2013, we combined our annual Scary Sixty Seconds with a wealth of classical music!  We divided the performance pieces into a group that was scary or spooky and those that were sweet or soothing.  As you might have guessed, those were our “tricks” and “treats”. 

We welcomed a wonderful group of guest performers, voted on the scariest contest pieces and generally had a wonderful time!

Harmonia Presents  


Saturday November 2, 2013
7:00 PM
Christ United Methodist Church
Chapel Hill, NC


Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens – Pianists Greg McCallum and Julie Harris

The Writer – film by Edson Oda, scored by Noah Balamucki

Bela Bartok’s Suite, Op. 14, performed by Grace Gollmar

Scary! Sixty Seconds Composition Contest entries:

  1. Down the Cellar Stairs by Wilhem N. Sidiusfor those wondering … what’s down the cellar stairs?
  2. Conversations in an Asylum by Nicholena Puccinithe inmates have secrets … don’t ask!
  3. Trapped by Peter Schackledthe bell tolls once, twice … it tolls for thee!
  4. The Mad Witch by Sandorfire burn, and caldron bubble
  5. Final Playdate by The Boogie Manand then there were none …
  6. The Haunted Harpsichord by J. S. B. L. Z. Bubthe maestro meets the monsters – who will win?
  7. In the House of the Hollower by Cole Legnocan you escape from the hollower?
  8. Graveyard by Zom B. Apocalypsedon’t venture there after midnight!



Wind Song by Sayali Gove – played by Laura Szpir, Aria Cheregosha and Darshan Gove

October by Susie Kim Park with Linda Sue Park – sung by Andrea Howland with Julie Harris

Forest Theme by Charles Higgins – musical score for the iPhone game “Astray”

Fantasia by Stephanie Wang – also played by Stephanie Wang – a double treat!

The Fountain of the Acqua Paola by Charles Griffes – played by Alison Kim

Harmonia Presents Tricks and Treats November 2, 2013 – Picture Gallery:
Our program began with a Trick: the pitch black eeriness of Saint-Saens' "Danse Macabre", performed by Greg McCallum and Julie Harris on piano.
Our first Treat was "Wind Song", composed by Harmonia student Sayali Gove. Performers, L to R: Aria Cheregosha, violin; Darshan Gove, cello; Julie Harris, conductor; Laura Szpir, flute
Guest star Luna Lovegood (aka Andrea Howland) joins with Julie Harris on piano to perform another Treat - "October" by Susie Kim Park. Susie is currently a composition student in the UNC Community Music School Composition class, taught by Julie Harris.
If we had given a prize for best costume, Andrea Howland as Luna Lovegood would certainly have been a winner! Her singing was spectacular as well.
Noah Balamucki's film score for "The Writer", by Edson Oda, was a fun and thrilling Trick. Edson's award-winning film came to life with Noah's brilliant score. Noah is one of our two senior Harmonia composers this year.
Our next Treat was a real treasure - a new score "Forest Theme" by Charles Higgins, our second senior Harmonia composer. Forest Theme is part of a musical score for a new iPhone game called "Astray". We wouldn't mind being astray in any forest scored by Charles!
We were thrilled to have guest star Kyler Chen from Raleigh, playing his "Nocturne No. 1". Kyler is a composition student of Tom Lohr. Thank you, Kyler and Tom, for such a great addition to our Treat list.
Harmonia student Stephanie Wang brings us another exciting Treat as she plays her "Fantasia" for solo piano.
Here's another shot of Stephanie in her cowgirl costume, complete with awesome boots!
Harmonia student Grace Gollmar is so lovely and poised, you'd never guess she was preparing to bring the house down with a resounding performance of Bartok's Suite, Op. 14 for solo piano. This scary and spooky Trick was also quite a Treat!
Guest performer Alison Kim created a shimmering curtain of sound with our last Treat, her gorgeous performance of Griffes's "The Fountain of the Acqua Paola". Alison, who is a regular performer on our programs, is in the piano studio of our friend and colleague Greg McCallum.

The climax of the night’s program was the presentation of the eight entries of the Scary! Sixty Seconds Composition Contest!   We all had so much fun listening, shivering and voting.  There were many surprises when the secret identities of the composers were revealed:

  • Wilhem N. Sidius – Robert Hunter, Stinson Beach, CA
  • Nicholena Puccini – Samantha Strowd, Harmonia graduate
  • Peter Schackled – Kevin Kopczynski, Harmonia student
  • Sandor – Greg Brus, Cracow, Poland
  • The Boogie Man – Noah Balamucki, Harmonia student
  • J. S. B. L. Z. Bub – Julie Harris, Harmonia teacher
  • Cole Legno – Keith Garside, Odenton, MD
  • Zom B. Apocalypse – Grace Gollmar, Harmonia student

THE WINNER IS: The Mad Witch with a total of 61 votes — secret composer is Greg Brus, from Poland

SECOND PLACE IS: Final Playdate with a total of 31 votes — secret composer is Noah Balamucki, from North Carolina

THIRD PLACE IS: Trapped with a total of 17 votes – secret composer is Kevin Kopczynski, from North Carolina

4th: Down the Cellar Stairs – 15 votes – secret composer is Robert Hunter, from Stinson Beach, California

5th: Conversations in an Asylum – 6 votes – secret composer is Samantha Strowd, from North Carolina

6th: Two-way tie between

The Haunted Harpsichord – 5 votes – secret composer is Julie Harris, from North Carolina
AND Graveyard – 5 votes – secret composer is Grace Gollmar, from North Carolina

7th: In the House of the Hollower – 2 votes – secret composer is Keith Garside, from Maryland

Someone at the concert pointed out an interesting item … Greg Brus is from Poland, “Kopczynski” and “Balamuczki” were both originally Polish names. Hmmmm. Verrrry interesting!

Many people said that ALL the pieces were wonderful and I agree. Thanks to all you fabulous composers!

After the concert, we all enjoyed posing for pictures and then meeting for a Community Banquet:
Julie Harris and Greg McCallum ham it up for the cameras ... first sweet, then scary!
Indiana Balamucki! It was only fitting that Noah Balamucki, our resident film expert, would come dressed as the star of a film series!
Merlin Walberg and Julie Harris pose for a picture in their complementary reds and blacks.
Kyler Chen, pianist and composer, with Julie Harris. We were delighted to meet Dequan Li, Kyler's grandfather and Zici Hong, Kyler's grandmother, from Shenzhen, China. Their proud and happy faces added so much warmth to our concert and to this wonderful picture.
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