Au Revoir - A Concert of Endings and Beginnings

— Au Revoir was a very special concert, honoring some very special people.  Our seniors – Noah Balamucki, Charles Higgins, and Aria Cheregosha – have been a vital part of the Harmonia community for so long, and we will miss them so much!  We also honor the winners of the international “Simply Stunning” composition competition.  It was a wonderful evening, one that will linger in our memories for many years.
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Harmonia  presents 

Au Revoir –
a concert of endings and beginnings

Saturday, May 10, 2014
5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Christ United Methodist Church
Southern Village
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Avalanche                                          Stephen Heller (1813-1888)
Mayah Ding, piano

* Sonata in Bb                                     Stephanie Wang (b. 2002)
Laura Szpir, flute        Aria Cheregosha, viola
Stephanie Wang, piano

Waltz Op 34 No 1                           Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849)
Stephanie Wang, piano

* Memories                                          Bethany Brinson (b. 2000)
Aria Cheregosha, violin         Bethany Brinson, piano

* A Dream on Aria’s Theme                 Pamela St. John (b. 1950)
Aria Cheregosha, violin             Pamela St. John, piano

** Valse Sentimentale             Greta Funk, Switzerland (b. 1960)
Aria Cheregosha, violin             Bethany Brinson, piano

 Vocalise                                   Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943)
Gabe Crist, cello                    Julie Harris, piano

Prelude from Holberg Suite Op 40      Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)
Sylvia Wang, piano



Charles Higgins, composer (b. 1995)

*Miniature for Clarinet and Cello
Adam Wang, clarinet      James Allen, cello

Winter Forest
Laura Szpir, flute        Adam Wang, clarinet
Reese Krome, violin                  James Allen, cello
Richard Drehoff, piano           Julie Harris, conductor

Laura Szpir, flute        Adam Wang, clarinet
Reese Krome, violin                  James Allen, cello
Richard Drehoff, piano           Julie Harris, conductor


Noah Balamucki, composer (b. 1995)

Grey Box
Caroline Miceli, soprano           Glenn Mehrbach, piano

*Jagged Gestures
*More Gestures
Grace Gollmar, piano

*CHCCS Student Code of Conduct
Caroline Miceli, soprano           Glenn Mehrbach, piano


Aria Cheregosha, violinist and violist (b. 1995)

“Prayer” from Jewish Life                    Ernest Bloch (1880-1959)
Aria Cheregosha, viola          Julie Harris, piano

** Maroon Bells                       Roger Zare, Connecticut (b. 1985)
** Au Revoir                           Kenji Fujimura, Australia (b. 1975)
Aria Cheregosha, violin       Julie Harris, piano

Read about all these wonderful musicians at:
Au Revoir – Featured Musicians

  * These pieces are being premiered tonight!

** Short List Winners from our
     International Composition Competition,
     Simply Stunning


Simply Stunning International Composition Competition – 2014

This exciting composition competition, created by Harmonia and presented by VirtualArtists, put out a call for composers to write a 3 – 4 minute piece for violin and piano.  The response was thrilling:

  • 77 composers expressed an interest in participating
  • Responses came from 23 countries and 22 states in the US
  • 45 new compositions were submitted
  • 7 judges selected 11 pieces for the Short List

All eleven pieces on the Short List will be presented by some of the best performers in this area during the spring and summer of 2014.   Thanks to all the composers who made this competition such a great success, to the judges who listened to each piece and carefully studied each score, and to the performers who are now bringing these wonderful pieces to life!

Three of the pieces on the Short List are being presented on tonight’s program:

Valse Sentimentale by Greta Funk from Zurich, Switzerland
Maroon Bells by Roger Zare from Connecticut, USA
Au Revoir by Kenji Fujimura from Melbourne, Australia


Lyrics to Noah Balamucki’s great art songs – witty and fun!

Grey Box

The following infractions will result in your dismissal.
Grey Box, Grey Box…such a boring color, yet deadly!
Purchase sale and transport of alcohol and/or of drugs will not be permitted they are forbidden
Grey Box…
Physical violence or threatening action, sexual harassment, refrain.
If you pack a gun then pal you’re done, and don’t bring your explosives, and arson is a felony so please do not commit it!
Chicken coop is too unstable.
Grey Box! Grey Box…
You now know its greatness.
Grey Box…
CHCCS Student Code of Conduct
Subtitle: Part II in a series on student handbooks issued by institutions of learning in the Eastern United States
The purpose of this Student Code of Conduct Handbook, is to present all the district policies related to student behavior.
CHCCS Student Code of Conduct
Inappropriate display of affection
Student engages in consensual verbal or physical contact
Assault resulting in a serious physical injury
Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature
Student Code of Conduct
It’s dull but you should respect its authority.;
Julie Harris conducts (l to r) Laura Szpir and Aria Cheregosha in the premiere of the first movement of Stephanie Wang's "Sonata in Bb". Stephinie, on piano, far left, is not in the picture
Stephanie Wang gave a fabulous performance of Chopin's "Waltz Op 34, No 1"
Aria Cheregosha on violin and Bethany Brinson on piano premiere Bethany Brinson's lovely "Memories" Pamela St. John, page turner
Pamela St. John on piano and Aria Cheregosha on violin premiere "A Dream on Aria's Theme", written by Pamela as a graduation gift to Aria Bethany Brinson, page turner
Bethany Brinson on piano and Aria Cheregosha on violin premiere Greta Funk's "Valse Sentimentale", one of our Simply Stunning winners
Sylvia Wang closes out the first half of the program with a spectacular performance of Grieg's "Prelude" from Holberg Suite Op. 40 Richard Drehoff, page turner
James Allen and Adam Wang (L to R) premiere Charles Higgins's delightful "Miniature for Clarinet and Cello"
Julie Harris conducts (L to R) Richard Drehoff, Reese Krome, James Allen, Adam Wang, and Laura Szpir in Charles Higgins's ever popular "Winter Forest"
The same wonderful performers premiere a new piece by Charles Higgins - "Anew" L to R Richard Drehoff (partially hidden), Reese Krome, James Allen, Julie Harris (conductor), Adam Wang, and Laura Szpir
Glenn Mehrbach plays piano and Caroline Miceli sings Noah Balamucki's fabulous and exciting "Grey Box" Grace Golmar, page turner
Grace Gollmar plays Noah Balamucki's fiendishly difficult piano solos "Jagged Gestures" and "More Gestures"
Caroline Miceli brings down the house with Noah Balamucki's "CHCCS Student Code of Conduct". Glenn Mehrbach is on piano, not pictured.
Julie Harris on piano and Aria Cheregosha on viola, then violin bring the concert to a meditative ending with three stellar pieces of quiet beauty: Ernst Bloch's "Prayer" from Jewish Life followed by two more Simply Stunning winners "Maroon Bells" by Roger Zare "Au Revoir" by Kenji Fujimura
Congratulations to Charles,
and thank you for all your impeccably-written chamber music!
Congratulations to Noah, and thank you for your wit, your willingness to explore, and your unerring sense of musical drama!
Congratulations to Aria, and thank you for the breath-taking beauty of every note.  Those of us who have had the privilege of hearing you play these past years are honored indeed.
Au Revoir, Seniors, and Good Luck!!
Congratulations - Aria, Charles and Noah - Class of 2014
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